Our Approach to Crafting Compelling Videos

Pre-Production + Creative Strategy >>

The first step of video production involves doing a deep dive into the psychology behind your brand & customer base. From there we develop a winning creative concept and come up with a plan to execute that idea. Our goal before we even pick up our cameras is to have a fully developed shared vision with you that communicates exactly what the end product will look like. We also infuse big data from Google & Facebook to identify what your customers are searching for online as it relates to your product or service.

Video Production >>

Once we have a creative concept, our team is ready to shoot your video campaign. We build out a precision tailored production team that includes a director, videographer, drone pilot and occasionally a creative specialist (we’ve hired the World’s Best Underwater Photographers for a project before).

Video Editing >>

After filming your video, we transform all the raw footage into a polished video that effectively conveys meaning & emotion. Editing is arguably the most important step because it has the greatest effect over how the story is communicated.


A good editor (versed in both psychology & creativity) can make a video more persuasive, more inspiring & more emotional. We are the only company to offer unlimited revisions on all videos.

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